Paul Ryan Caught On Hot Mic Calling Press Conference A ‘Waste Of My F***ing Time’

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke on Trump’s Muslim ban during a press conference on Tuesday, but it’s what he said after his time in front of the cameras that left everyone stunned.

Ryan was asked a question by a reporter during the press conference on whether or not GOP congressional leaders like himself were aware of the drafting of Trump’s executive order banning natives of seven countries from traveling to the U.S. before it was signed.

Speaker Ryan answered:

‘What the president has asked us to focus on, something that we’ve ran on, is we’ve got to secure our border. We have a border security problem, that’s what the physical barrier on the border is all about and we have security concerns given this age of terrorism, given the fact that we have drugs coming across our border, we have an opioid problem. There are lots of reasons why our focus is first and foremost is on border security.’

Ryan then ended the press conference and he and the rest of the GOP leaders also in attendance began exiting the stage. The speaker’s microphone was still on, however, and he can be heard muttering:

‘Waste of my f*cking time.’

See video below. The hot mic moment can be heard at 1:16.