2nd Prominent Pizzagate Journalist Killed by U.S. Government D.C. Pedophile Ring

david seaman youtube
Photo of David Seaman’s YouTube page showing no videos on Feb. 25, 2017.

Disclaimer: The personal well being of these men is not known, the reference of them being killed is because their identities and careers have been killed for exposing the controversial subject known as “Pizzagate”.For those of you not aware here is an in depth article covering this story with everything you need to know about the government run child sex trade: http://www.wethepeoplereport.com/conspiracy/usdc_child_sex_ring/

Top Pizzagate investigator David Seaman’s YouTube videos disappeared from the Internet Saturday. This is the 2nd Prominent Journalist to be shut down for exposing the government run and orchestrated international pedophile ring widely known as Pizzagate. Nobody knows of the well being of Ben Swann or David Seaman and if in fact they’re still alive because all of their social networking accounts have had everything removed and have gone completely inactive…

Here is an article we wrote when Ben Swann Dissapeared : http://www.wethepeoplereport.com/ben-swann/breaking-ben-swanns-missing-truth-media-site-twitter-instagram-facebook-accounts-gone/

It goes without saying, both journalists careers have been completely destroyed, their entire legacy and work have been completely wiped out! THIS IS CRIMINAL CONDUCT!

This is not only an attack on free speech but this is an attack on their God given American rights! This an attack on us the citizens of this country demanding TRUTH and JUSTICE for our missing and exploited children. The new Trump Administration seems to be trying to covertly cover this up! THIS IS BEYOND FUCKED UP!

It’s very clear that the defacto government is involved in an illegal coverup which involves impeding on our rights of citizens and rights of freedom of the press. It now appears that we are under a new style of WW2 Nazi Censorship as Patriots who exposing the criminality of our government are vanishing!

It’s very important to recognize we now have two instances where hard hitting journalists have mysteriously vanished!

Ben Swann, also suffered the same fate as Daive Seaman after he covered “Pizzagate” on his CBS segment called “REALTY CHECK”. This video and all of Ben Swann’s work on his show have been completely removed on his YouTube Account. Thankfully other awakened concerned citizens have re-uploaded this coverage and have been re-posting it even though it’s being taken down everywhere.

Seaman a widely known independent journalist did countless video’s exposing the Pizzagate conspiracy which revolves around an alleged child sex-trafficking ring in Washington D.C. He went as far as questioning Comet Ping Pong Owner James Alefantis. Alefantis then threatened his life and the life of his family which he uploaded in a lengthy video. No charges or investigation has been thoroughly shown or demonstrated by the establishment. The government has engaged in a wide take down of pedophiles but none in the government that is running this entire billion dollar industry.

It’s important to note that no criminal charges or investigations have been filed against, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, James Alefantis or anyone associated with this child sex trafficking network. In fact when information has been presented to law enforcement agencies they’ve engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up this story.

In essence the only research or investigation has been done is by independent journalists and concerned citizens in 4chan, reddit, and voat. Reddit has banned and removed any and all threads concerning #pizzagate.

Some of our sources of retired law enforcement agencies are revealing a huge conspiracy to protect the establishment who is making billions of the illegal sale and trade of Children. A source which chooses to remain anonymous has said that CPS (Child Protection Services),  have been routinely abducting and exploiting families to illegally obtain children for sex slavery.

We have witness testimony off the record that the government is involved in abducting and selling children into bondage internationally. It’s said the Clinton Foundation is a huge cover and front for such operations which have expoited countries like Haiti with no birth or birth certificates.

Please share this article with your friends and let them know how your Defacto United States Corporate Government is censoring and protecting their billion dollar industry by covering up the truth and silencing good men who are trying to push for justice for these fucking sick evil government officials!

UPDATE 630pmpst: David Seaman resurfaces on youtube and claims he is a “victim of character assassination”.


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