WE The People Report! Join us!

Are you an avid researcher? Independent journalist? Activist? Protester? YouTuber? Truther? Tired of feeling like your social network is an echo chamber? Want to make a greater impact?

we_the_people_report_mobileWelcome to our new site where we will be publishing original content of reports from independent journalists and citizens LIKE YOU to combat the mainstream media news narrative propaganda.

Our mission is to restore integrity to journalism as well as the Washington D.C. establishment. We have to hold our leadership accountable by making them answer to us and not a corporate controlled CIA news agency.

We are constitutional based community of Anonymous citizens concerned with the state of the union. We want to utilize the freedom of information while we still have access to it to create mass awareness and wake people to the corruption that has besieged not only these United States but our westernized governments as well. While we anons might not always agree our mission is the same, to return power back to WE THE PEOPLE! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. TOGETHER WE WILL DEFEAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! WE ARE ANONYMOUS! EXPECT US!!!

If you are interesting in becoming a contributor or writing here on this website we are going to be setting up a unique platform to give power back to the people where it belongs! Please contact us for more information!


Nate James