U.S. Funded ISIS For Regime Change In Syria

Here we have hard evidence and UNDENIABLE proof that the U.S. is the driving force behind the terrorist organization ISIS/ISIL an mercenary proxy to take down the Assad regime. Internal documents obtained by FOI reveal the Obama administration viewed ISIS/ISIL as a “Strategic Asset”.

Additional reports confirm Benghazi was a strategic CIA outpost for arms trade with ISIS/ISIL militants. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved in handing out heavy weapons in Lybia and Turkey. Most arms destined for ISIS/ISIL mercenary rebels in Syria were transited through the “Libyan National Council for Relief and Support” in Benghazi.

Another report confirms that the U.S. cut cash to banks in Iraq which was then laundered into Iranian banks and into the hands of ISIS/ISIL forces. This information alone proves that Secretary of State at the time Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration committed acts of treason. These revelations alone should warrant a indictment and further criminal investigation and automatically void any opportunity Hillary has at running for presidential office.