Today, #IsaacKappy came out with a live periscope video, that ran for 50 minutes, starting at 11am west coast time. I’ve watched the whole thing, start to finish. Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood actor, now musician and artist.

He’s know for playing in: Thor 2011, Fanboys 2009, Terminator Salvation 2009, Lemonade Mouth 2011, Beerfest 2006, 10 Years 2011, Saint John of Las Vegas 2010, Klown Camp Massacre 2010.

Today, he came clean with a list of who he knows to be pedophiles(but says there are many many more) and the inner workings of how the Hwood system works. Below I will list the notes I’ve taken, that are important. More versed people, on this subject may be informed of these details but this may be a little tough for those not aware or just learning, sorry for the red pilling(NOT)!

Seth Green- satanic pedophile
Clare Grant- (wife of Seth) satanic pedophile
Yarvo- pedophile (into really evil shit)
Steven Spielberg- pedophile
Daniel Fergeson- pedophile (where does he work?)
Matt Cohen- pedophile
Tom Hanks- pedophile
James Gunn- pedophile (good friends with Yarvo)
Royal family- pedophiles (good friends with Jimmy Savile, who raped and killed hundreds of children and knighted by the queen, so he could never be convicted)
Mark Thompson- pedophile (now runs New York Times and ran BBC before that…he’s had his criminal actions covered up)
Oprah- peadophile (very high up in this world wide cult)
Dan Schneider- pedophile
Stephen Colbert- pedophile (good friend with John Podesta, who is also a pedophile)
Obama- pedophile
Jimmy Kimmel- pedophile (good friends with Frank Giustra- pedophile wealthy Canadian and ties to the Clinton Global initiative)
Kevin Spacey- pedophile
Tyler Shields- pedophile ( and take a second to check out his photography..yikes)
These are the pedophiles that were outed directly by Isaac Kappy, this should be breaking mainstream news but it’s not!

Blackmail runs Hwood system. Eilte levels own you and film the blackmail. They want people compromised (easy to control) and most will go along for fame, fortune etc. The top level elites are sick and psyco. Yes, there is cannibalism- the higher you go the more sick it gets.

Pedowood has been happening for a very, very, very long time. Many of these people are born into it, grow up in it and are very badly abused. Their minds are broken from the abuse (research mk ultra).

All of the actors, musicians and media elite, who tell you what to think are compromised through blackmail and evil perversions(research operation mockingbird).

They literally worship Satan and advertise their perversions through symbols (music, film and art all involved).

Seth Green tells Isaac Kappy, while Isaac is at Seth’s house that his secret room, behind his book case is where they keep the CHILD. Seth also has a very large pedophile symbol when you walk in his front door, hanging right in your face. Large triangle with circle inside.

Parents in Hwood knowingly give there kids over, knowing they will be abused… And the parents snatch up the money. SICK.

And just a few random comments I found interesting:
1) Why did Dave Chappelle run away to Africa for 10 years…boom, just left?
2) Pedophilia is everywhere, learn and watch the symbolism…they literally out themselves.
3) TONS OF WOMEN ARE INVOLVED. It’s not just men.