Israeli Zionist Illuminati EXPOSED!

There is a good chance this article will be censored or hidden from sight because it contains HARDCORE TRUTH! Thankfully from books, documentaries, the internet, and collective hive minds, the true power at the top of the pyramid is being completely EXPOSED! If you have spent the time reading and researching unbiased without prejudice you will eventually come to the conclusion that these men below are the most influential in the Illuminati. If you haven’t conceded this fact and acknowledged that the Illuminati is a shadow government ruling the world then you have some catching up to do! Hopefully this lengthy article will help you SEE THE TRUTH! The majority of the inner round table are all Zionist Kharzarian Ashkanzim Jews. Alex Jones and many other so called “truthers” will deny this fact. They want you to believe that the New World Order isn’t Jewish… There are disinformation coin-Interpol agents working 24/7 to keep you distracted with bullshit to keep this information from getting to you.   It is extremely forbidden to question Zionist Jews and often you will be ridiculed as racist or anti-Semitic, but it’s very clear based on the symbolism and their core beliefs who they serve and what their interests are. Many in the truth movement who are exposing this shadow government or the powers that be and paying a heavy price of being censored in social networks. Many of you may not even be aware of it but these Zionist Jews run every aspect of our lives. They run and … Continue reading Israeli Zionist Illuminati EXPOSED!