Prime Minister Netanyahu Announces New World Order

Here is a speech delivered by Prime Minister of Israel addressing the San Bernardino California attacks on Dec. 6th, 2015.

Pay very close attention! He uses very strong rhetoric here mentioning the growing alliance and 10 year renewed bond between the U.S. and Israel with indication of a New Forge Against the Old World. HE IS ANNOUNCING A NEW WORLD ORDER!

Looks very clear that MOSSAD, MI6, and the CIA, are becoming desperate now by delivering propaganda speeches on sketchy reports of Islamic Terrorism. The video seems to indicate the presence of a new war or new Islamic conflict as Israel feels threatened by the Sunni Muslim Caliphate.

After watching this I would definitely expect a much higher frequency of false flag operations around the globe to usher in their totalitarian Jew World Order.

It appears with the frequency of attacks at this point that there is a plan of martial law under the directive of the United Nations for renewed international security and global stability.

Look at what happened most recently in Paris after those false flag attacks, they declared Martial Law and went door to door looking for alleged suspects of interest.

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