Ft Lauderdale Shooting Another False Flag PsyOp?

Earlier today, law enforcement identified the suspect in today’s deadly Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting as Esteban Santiago. Once again we have another unbelievable backstory that involves multiple DOD and Law Enforcement agencies.


Now, some media outlets are reporting new, disturbing details about Santiago:

More from ABC News

Santiago worked for a security company called Signal 88 in Anchorage, the source said. In November, he showed up to the FBI’s field office in Anchorage, where he espoused conspiracy theories, including one claim the U.S. government was trying to force him to watch ISIS videos, the source said.

When the FBI interviewed him, Santiago appeared incoherent at times, the source said. Investigators suspected that mental health issues may be at play, and they referred Santiago to local law enforcement for a mental health evaluation, the source said.

It certainly sounds like Santiago was extremely disturbed. Did the FBI follow up on Santiago after passing him off to local authorities. Or did they drop the ball here?


The more we learn about Santiago, the more questions we have.

Air Canada tweeted that Santiago did not board any of their flights and was not a passenger, so where did the mainstream media get that he was a passenger?

Ironically mainstream media sources say that he checked his gun, so either this is another fabrication or someone is lying to fit a mainstream narrative.

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