Hillary Makes Sickly Appearance Wearing Life Alert Necklace

New York Central Park | Hillary Clinton made an appearance Saturday July 21st at a two day festival at Ozyfest.

She spoke during a Q and A session rambling on about Russia and Putin interference with Laurene Powel Jobs, founder of Emerson Collections.

Many are commenting on Hillary’s signature outfit which looks like a sleeping gown. She appears physically sick and mentally exhausted. If you look closely she is wearing a pink necklace that looks or appears exactly like a medical alert device like ‘life alert’, a device to alert authorities when seniors who live alone have fallen and need medical assistance.

Look closely, you can see the necklace in multiple images taken at the event with different sources, this is not photo-shopped.

If you have been following or watching Hillary and her movements in public you would have seen several instances of her falling and/or having seizures. Her health conditions should be a cause of concern especially is she is considering making another run in 2020.

Is this a ‘life alert’ medical device? Is Hillary really that sick? Has she been cut off from blood transfusions and/or adrenochrome? Or is this just an attempt to declare some sort of illness to avoid standing trial if Hillary is indicted? What are your thoughts?