Alex Jones Drunk Says F*ck Saudi Arabia

Thank you Joe Biggs for this INFOWARS UPDATE!

In a video that was uploaded by an InfoWars associate Joe Biggs and then soon there after removed for obvious reasons, professional Shiller Alex Emerick Jones has some choice words for our allies in the east.

Viewer Discretion Advised!

Alex Jones appears to be heavily intoxicated and says,

“Fuck the NWO, Fuck Saudi Arabia, Fuck Al Queda,

We are going to Fuck you up the ass, you fucken pices of shit,

We’re going to fucken bomb the shit out of your ass and take you to hell fuckers!”

Joe Biggs, “Exactly fuck you!”

Once again, we see the true colors of Alex Emerick Jones. We don’t hate you Alex, we just know that you are incredibly misguided and playing on the wrong team. You have shown us that you are a gatekeeper of information as you have repeatedly called the “Zionists” vague terms like “The globalists” or “Global Elite”.

You have lost badly in debates with people like David Duke, who have clearly outlined the truth for you. Like so many before me, we have exposed you for being a disinformation agent.

Those of us who have studied the power structure and have been following your information for years know that you are intentionally redirecting all of your audience away from the illegal state of Israel. You have played into this mainstream divide and conquer propaganda pushing the war against Islam.

No we are not Pro-Islam or Anti-Semitic, we just know the TRUTH! It is about time that you start living up to your representation of being a patriot, to stand with Israel is to stand against your country!

We will  stop posting these videos when you stop supporting Israel and Expose the Zionist powers that be! Until then, you should expect us! We will not let you destroy THE RESISTANCE!