The state of California is currently experiencing a disaster that needs to get fixed as soon as possible. The Oroville dam had an emergency, in which the main spillway collapsed, causing a domino effect with the final result being the emergency spillway has reached the limit of what it was meant to hold.

As a result of that, nearly 200,000 people were evacuated from their homes on Sunday, further demonstrating the magnitude of this disaster. President Donald Trump, while on the campaign trail, said that our infrastructure was failing and it needs to be fixed to avoid disasters like the one being experienced right now.

However, Democrats and the media have come up with a different reason on why the dam is failing. Instead of agreeing with President Trump about the state of the infrastructure, they have stated that man-made global warming is the reason that the dam is about to break.

The New York Times had an actual headline of, “Oroville Is a Warning for California Dams, as Climate Change Adds Stress.” Another article, published in Scientific American, added that “[c]limate change is leading to more extreme rainfalls that can overwhelm infrastructure.”

Oroville has had some heavy rains this year, which in turn has pushed the dam to the breaking point. Naturally, that has raised eyebrows from environmentalists, and reporters as well. They claim that global warming will bring even heavier rains that can damage infrastructure, much like what is being seen now.

It Could Have Been Averted

If The Dam Breaks, Flooding Will Be A Big Issue

An Atlantic sub headline read as follows. “Drought, climate change, and aging infrastructure combined to create a looming catastrophe that forced 188,000 Californians to evacuate.” Democrats just cannot let go of the climate change theory.


That’s most likely because they have far-left people in California that push the climate change theory every chance they get. Roger Bales, an engineering professor at the University of California, Merced, claimed that global warming was the reason that California had an unusual wet winter.

Speaking to The Guardian, Bales said, “It doesn’t take much warming to change snowstorms into rainstorms. With a warmer climate, we get these winter storms, which dump rain rather than snow.” Yes, snow only comes when the temperature is at 32 degrees F or below, but when was the last time that you heard California having temperatures that low?

Not to mention that there is always a counter solution to the climate change theory, despite the Democrats constant preaching. Michael Dettinger is a U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist. In common terms, he studies the water cycle in the United States and he has a different take on the disaster saying that while global warming might have a role in the future, it’s not making an impact now.

Dettinger also spoke to The Guardian. He said, “California’s climate has always had the potential for a year like this. So far, except for how quickly [not how much] the precipitation has piled up, there is nothing record-breaking here.” As evidence for that, the state has a history of switching from droughts to heavy rainfall.


Just this year, one weekend of rainstorms during January ended the state’s six-year drought. Even after the drought and the heavy rainfall, precipitation in Oroville hasn’t exploded upwards like Democrats like to claim. Over the past century, there has been an increase of 0.8 inches over the last 100 years, give or take, according to federal climate data.

The reason for the dam breaking was a corroded main spillway that was put under stress by heavy rains. If during the last inspection, which was July of 2015, workers had caught this problem, the disaster could have been avoided. Not to mention that during the 1990s, Oroville’s main spillway handled a lot more water in heavy rains. That was because the dam was in much better shape.

If Governor Jerry Brown had actually paid to keep the dam in better shape rather than spend a bunch of money on illegal immigrants, then this mess could have been avoided. Not to mention that officials have estimated the cost of repairing the dam and they say it could cost as much as $200 million.


If Brown Fixed The Dam, This Wouldn’t Be An Issue

It’s a far cry from the $25 BILLION per year that Brown is spending on illegal immigrants. Seriously it wasn’t global warming that caused this; it was the lack of upkeep on our nations infrastructures. Not to mention that if they had actually paid attention to the infrastructure, the cost wouldn’t be as high. Even then, it’s still a fraction of what they are paying for illegals now.

Then again, California is a state that has its priorities out of line. They introduced a new bill, called Bill 54, which put the entire state as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. That means that the federal government cannot go after the illegal immigrants that are currently living in the state. Unfortunately that is California for you. They will do anything to protect illegals, but won’t spend money to keep a dam in shape.

Share this article with everyone to show that the Democrats and the media are now blaming global warming for the Oroville dam disaster. Despite the fact that it’s due to failing infrastructure, they will do anything and everything possible to blame it on global warming. Democrats just don’t care about facts.