Facebook Battling Fake Lives Matter Viral Trend

As I am sure many of you are aware facebook has been censoring pages and removing them all together without even an explanation as to what community guidelines or standards they have broken. A page titled “FAKE LIVES MATTER” was completely removed from facebook without warning.

Over the weekend the page blew up with over 5000 new likes! That page is gone now!

fake_lives_matter_goneThe recent hashtag line #FAKELIVESMATTER has gone extremely viral over the weekend reaching millions upon millions of facebookers. As to many the images were confusing to those void of intellectual free thinking and a sense of humor.

Many of the pages within the truth movement including ours had joined in on the fun exposing false flag crisis actors such as Carlee Soto in her infamous Sandy Hook Hoax Cry. Here are just a few of the images we’ve created that the facebook team is working very hard on burying right now. The #fakelivesmatter hashtag is only view-able between you and your immediate friends now. Here we have another prime example of Mark Fuckerberg and fedbook censorship protocols.